Our original project participants, in the form of a selection committee, are currently reviewing the 58 applications that came in from people interested in being a part of the Steering Committee.  The applications are representative of a highly talented and capable pool of professionals. Everyone of them would make an excellent Steering Committee member.

As a result, we have decided to move on to a second round of review.  Here is the notification we sent to the 58 applicants:


We wanted to bring you up to date on the review of applications for the steering committee and tell you that our notification date for your individual application will be delayed.

The reason for the delay is, simply put, an overwhelming number of outstanding applications and some very difficult choices that must be made!

To give you some sense of our conundrum:  we received 58 applications for the 9 seats on the steering committee – yours was one, of course.  Any one of the 58 would be an excellent choice for this committee. 

Knowing we had so many excellent applications, we set about making choices in a very considered specific way.  We agreed on a list of important criteria for all applications. 13 members of our selection committee cast private ballots for each of you by analyzing how well your application met those criteria.

Based on the results of the initial review, we have decided to move to a Round 2.  We will be meeting this coming Monday, April 29, to determine our next steps in the Steering Committee review.

We know now that we cannot provide you with any answer about your application by May 1 as we had hoped.

What we will do is promise another update to you on or before May 15.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.

The Patient Advocate Credential Selection Committee


If you have questions about our process or work so far, please post them on the Questions and Comments page.

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