Since touching base with you at the end of June, we’ve heard from a handful of folks with questions about progress.  It seems prudent to help you better understand what to expect as we move forward.

During the summer we met twice during scheduled monthly meetings.  To this point we’ve made only procedural decisions to define how we will work together.

Our goal is not to be quick and expedient. Rather, we are working slowly and methodically.  (We have only this one chance to do it right!) We’ll begin by developing our mission and goals, an effort we expect will take us through the Fall.  Based on the results of that determination, we will develop our next steps.

For those of you wondering what became of your applications as Subject Matter Experts:  Yes – we still have them!  As we continue our work, you will begin to hear from us when/if your expertise is needed.  Right now (subject to change) we think it will be early 2014 before we do any outreach to SMEs.

We’ll be in touch again once our mission and goals have been established. Thank you for your support.

Steering Committee

Patient Advocacy Certification Development