(Note – this post updated 12/19/2013 to replace terminology only.  “Subcommittees” will now be called Task Forces to make the differences in responsibilities clearer.  There is no change in definitions – only the term used.)

During our October meeting, we discussed the Task Forces we know will be needed as we move forward.  The following Task Forces were approved:

  1. Patient Advocate Standards
  2. Eligibility
  3. Certification
  4. Legal and Ethics
  5. Governance

There will most definitely be additional Task Forces in the future, so these are just a start.  Members of the Steering Committee volunteered to lead each of these subcommittees. During the next several weeks or months, we will begin reaching out to individuals (those of you who have applied to be subject matter experts) to ask you to serve on these committees.

Work and process related standards for use by subcommittees were also discussed.

Steering Committee
Patient Advocacy Certification Development


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