Reports from Advocacy Credential Task Forces (July 2014)

•  Patient Advocate Standards Task Force

The PA Standards Task Force has developed a draft PACSC (Patient Advocacy Certification Steering Committee) Code of Ethics and shared that with the Steering Committee. We will get feedback from the SC and then move on to developing Standards and Best Practices.

•  Certification Task Force

The certification task force is charged with investigating the process of certification, how a certification would be administered and other details to ensure a fair and balanced process.  The Certification Task for been formed. The members are Anne Llewellyn and Deb O’Connell Co-chairs, Kelli Hanson, Dawn Gay, and Irene Zbiczak.

The Certification Task Force has been having calls with various groups, testing bodies to scan the field to understand the available opportunities open to the Steering Committee.

We are working on a global timeline in order to identify the tasks involved in developing a national certification and the timeline for the Steering Committee and other Task Force Members to follow to keep everyone on track.

•  Ethics & Legal Task Force

Maria DeGiglio & Io Dolka are co-chairs of the PACSC ethics/legal internal review subcommittee whose is to set standards for ethical conduct and conflict of interest policies in order to promote lawful and ethical conduct of business and behavior by PACSC members and volunteers and to ensure that PACSC operates with integrity and transparency.

We are still seeking subject matter experts with experience with setting conflict of interest policies and with integrity and transparency standards in organizations. Legal or institutional ethics background is preferred. If you are interested in helping with this task force, please reach us at Task Force Inquiry

•  Governance

The Governance Task Force was established to recommend procedures and policies by which the Patient Advocacy Certification Steering Committee (PASC) will function. As an “internal ONLY” Task Force, it is staffed by Jari Holland Buck and Trisha Torrey. To date, we have published a Governance Booklet and advised on multiple areas of group process.


To learn more about each of these Task Forces and who is involved in them, please link here.