Reports from Advocacy Credential Task Forces (August 2014)


Eligibility Task Force  (ETF)

At the first meeting of the Eligibility Task Force(ETF),  there was consensus that the we should  develop core competencies that align with the best practices being developed by the  Standards Task Force and we will wait to proceed until this document is available. Those in the ETF agreed  that eligibility should be based on a combination of knowledge and relational skills. This means that formal education and training will be assessed, knowledge will be evaluated, but our tasks will also include the development of behavioral competencies that have been demonstrated in practice.  We began a discussion about how to measure the more “soft skills” and we will look into what other professions have done in this area.


Patient Advocacy Standards Task Force

The Patient Advocacy Standards Task Force has developed a Code of Ethics working draft document. The Task Force has a target date of October to finalize the draft document.


Ethics – Legal Task Force

Maria DeGiglio and Io Dolka, co-chairs of the PACSC Ethics-Legal Taskforce, are pleased to welcome R. Ruth Linden, Ph.D., President, Linden Health Advocacy as a member. Ruth has expertise setting conflict of interest policies and establishing organizational standards of integrity and transparency.

Our task force continues to seek subject matter experts with experience in legal and institutional ethics. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at Task Force Inquiry.



To learn more about each of these Task Forces and who is involved in them, please link here.