A new task force and a call for help:

The Patient Advocacy Credentialing Steering Committee has come to an important moment in our work and we are in need of some additional expertise. Because we are nearing decisions about financial responsibilities and outlay, we will create a Finance Task Force to explore and advise the Steering Committee on these issues. Find a brief description of this task force here:  https://pacboard.org/taskforces/  (#6)

We are looking for new task force members with specific experience in finance, preferably within a non-profit environment.

If you have such expertise and are interested in serving on this task force to help move patient advocacy forward as a profession, we ask you to express your interest:

  • If you have already filled out the SME (Subject Matter Expert) application form, simply reply to this email with any additional information you think would be helpful by describing your finance experience.  Even if your application included that information, we need you to respond in order to call our attention to it.
  • If you have not yet filled out the SME application, please do so, including any information about your finance experience that would be helpful to us.  Here is a link to the application:  https://pacboard.org/applications/sme-extended.htm

We need to know of your interest and qualifications (either by return email or by filling out the application) by January 10, 2015.

As always – if you want updates, please sign up on this page, to the right.

Thank you,

The Patient Advocacy Credential Steering Committee