Earlier this year, the PACB published two documents for public review and asked for comments. More than 100 people took us up on our request!

Since then, members of the Patient Advocate Certification Board have spent countless hours studying each and every one of the suggestions, comments, notes of appreciation and even some complaints. Every piece of input was carefully considered and acted on in some way, either incorporating it, addressing it (providing answers to questions), deciding against it, or adding it to a future to-do list.

As you can see, we continue to take this work, and your input, very seriously. And now we are pleased and proud to announce that the work on those documents is complete.

In August, we published the answers to many questions asked during public comment period. In September we published the final list of Ethical Standards. And today we are publishing two new documents, including, perhaps, the most important statement of what will be expected of patient advocates in order to earn their certification*.

  • Definitions:  intended to clarify all other documents, and which may be updated as needed.
  • *Competencies and Best Practices:  This is the list of capabilities patient advocates must demonstrate through testing and practice, all focused on the highly professional approach to serving the needs of patient-clients. While we are calling this our final list, the PACB may find over time that it will need to be updated as the status of the healthcare system, and the needs of patient-clients change.

Next Steps: The PACB will begin to consider new areas that are still to be determined including eligibility (who will qualify to take the test), and the test itself, among other considerations and important decisions. As always, we will keep you apprised of our status and decisions we have made through these posts.


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