For those taking the upcoming certification exam, we offer some sample questions to help you understand how they were developed, and why one answer choice will be better than the others, even if the others seem plausible.

This is the first in a series of sample questions.

As stated on the Taking the Exam Page, the exam was built using the Competencies and Best Practices Document as well as the Ethics Statement.

Sample Question #1:

Patient advocates should:

  1. Make decisions for, and on behalf of their clients to ensure safety and care coordination.
  2. Avoid making any decision for, or on behalf of a client, instead supporting them with the resources they need to make their decisions.
  3. Encourage the family to make decisions as the patient should not be put under mental strain.
  4. Encourage clients to defer to the healthcare team as they know best.

Best Answer: B 


See the Competencies Document, Under Domain 1: Scope of Practice and Transparency, Element “f”, it is stated that advocates should avoid making decisions for, or on behalf of their clients.

The role of the patient advocate is to provide information and research that allows a client to make informed decisions. If patients are not able to make their own decisions, their caregivers/designated surrogates should be given the information so they can follow the patient’s directives.    

No other choices are correct as they do not respect the patient’s right to make his or her own decisions.

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