Today, Thursday March 1, is the deadline for registration for our inaugural PACB exam.

As long as you have registered on time, you still have until March 16th to pay for the exam.

If these March dates did not work for you, the exam will be administered again in September, with those registration deadlines in August.

Find all registration and payment details here.

We hope to provide 2019 test dates soon.

For those taking the upcoming certification exam, we offer some sample questions to help you understand how they were developed, and why one answer choice will be better than the others, even if the others seem plausible.

This is the second in a series of sample questions.

As stated on the Taking the Exam Page, the exam was built using the Competencies and Best Practices Document as well as the Ethics Statement.

Sample Question #2:

Advocates collaborate effectively with members of the healthcare team, both in and out of the hospital, to:

  1. Ensure appropriate and compassionate care for the client.
  2. Ensure patients avoid medical errors.
  3. Ensure patients receive the care they require.
  4. Ensure patients receive extra services that will help them feel comfortable.

Best Answer: A


Advocates collaborate effectively with all members of the healthcare team, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, to ensure appropriate and compassionate care for the client. By developing a collaborative relationship with the healthcare team, advocates ensure the patients receives appropriate care to meet their goals.

They also work to remind the members of the team of each patient’s uniqueness and that each patient has the ability to make decisions that are right for them. Advocates encourage respect among the healthcare team and ensure each patient receive compassionate and safe care regardless of the setting to meet their individual needs.

While the other answers may seem plausable, they are only a part of the picture, whereas the A answer takes the others into consideration, making it the best answer.

More information:

Link to Sample Question #1