The many email inquiries we have received over the last several days indicate we weren’t clear enough in our last post to you on March 21.  It read:

…it may take up to four weeks once this testing period is complete for you to receive your results.

No matter what date you took your exam, the four weeks began when the testing period was complete, which was March 31. That means you should receive your results by April 28.

As we explained – because this is the first exam ever given by the PACB, we are doing a thorough review of the results to be sure the questions were fair and correct. The Board has been working diligently on this review and expects to be finished within the next few days. Once that review is complete, the testing company will be able to complete the scoring and notify all exam takers of their results.

Please do not reach out to ask about receiving your results unless you do not receive them as promised – by April 28.

If there are any updates to this, they will be posted here.