The PACB is thrilled with the outcome of our first exam. Most of you have received your results with the great majority of you passing the exam. Congratulations to you!

Many of you have written or posted here asking for statistics on the outcomes – how many passed or failed? How many took the exam? Were any of the questions adjusted or eliminated? … and others.

We will not be answering those questions right away because we are in the process of assessing the results. This is an extensive process and can’t be done quickly. As you know, you were asked several demographic-related questions when you applied for the exam, so as we take all that into account, and look at the big picture, then make decisions about how we will move forward, we ask your patience.

Those of you who passed the exam will be receiving an email soon with “next steps” information such as how to use your newly-earned designation, and giving you access to the logos you may now use on your website or in your printed materials.

Again, our sincere congratulations to those who passed. You are trail blazers!