Patient Advocate Certification Board Certifies Next Cohort of Board Certified Patient Advocates

Gilbert, AZ, April 13, 2021 – The Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) has certified an additional 58 Patient Advocates following the eighth national certification exam for professionals working in the field of patient advocacy. This brings the total number who have earned the BCPA credential to 893.

For the first time since its inception, PACB instituted eligibility criteria in advance of the spring 2021 exam cycle. Patient advocates come from a diverse set of backgrounds, which has made identifying appropriate eligibility requirements a challenge. Heidi Kummer, MD, MPH, BCPA and Chair of the Certification Commission says, “Over time, it became clear that individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree tended to perform better on the exam. The area of study seemed to be less important than the overall exposure to advanced education and greater life experience. But education alone was not the only criteria that distinguished successful candidates. Experience in the field was also an important factor. Individuals who do not meet the educational requirement can elect to demonstrate equivalent life/work experience.”  

According to PACB President, Melissa Cardine, BSN, RN, BCPA, “although the application now requires a few extra steps, our new testing partner, Prolydian/Examity, has dramatically improved the ease with which candidates can move through the process. We are very pleased with the significant improvements in delivering the remotely proctored exam. The Examity platform offers the most flexibility for the candidate and the most data security for PACB.”

The nonprofit PACB was organized in 2012 to establish ethical standards, professional competencies and best practices for professionals who work in the emerging field of patient advocacy. PACB works with Prolydian/Examity for a fully integrated registration, exam delivery and certification management platform.

Patient Advocates who earn the BCPA credential must be recertified every three years. Certified advocates are listed on the PACB website. The exam is available two times a year. The next testing period is scheduled for fall 2021. Contact to be notified when registration becomes available. Learn more at The site also hosts news and developments about the organization and information related to exam registration and credential maintenance.


Patient Advocate Certification Board, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on development and maintenance of certification for the profession of patient advocacy.