Action Without Meeting Ballot

The following post is from Chris North in the BCPA Online Community. Login to the Board of Directors Group to read the post.

Board Members,

In following up with the information I posted in our Board Working Group on YM, I am continuing the discussion about the Career Center as a means of bringing in income.

As I stated in my initial summary of the January meeting, PACB is first and foremost a business and must sustain a working business model that will allow us to do the important work of fulfilling our mission and vision.

One way of helping to ensure financial security is to offer a career board. This program requires no investment—time or financial—on our behalf and offers income through a shared revenue model.

The reality is that if PACB does not seize this offer, some other organization (NGA, NAHAC, etc.) will soon, and we will have missed a great opportunity.

I don’t want to see that happen. We are in a perfect position to capitalize on this opportunity as we are growing and making our name known.

The board will not have a second January meeting since that time slot is being used for reviewing the exam with PTC and setting the passing rate and going through the Angoff method of criteria setting. It is part of best practice procedures we need to follow in order to pursue ICE accreditation. We can provide more detail if you are curious as to what that is all about.

Since we are not having another meeting in January, I would like to make a motion that we take an online vote to go ahead and move the career center forward so that Danielle is able to put that process in motion. I have included below the information that was in the board packet from our meeting for your review

Revenue Sharing Model: This model is based on PACB charging employers to post jobs.
• One-Time upfront fee to build the Career Center is waived
• eCommerce Revenue Split: 50% / 50% YM fully manages the service from their percentage.
• Minimum Job Posting Fee: $99.00

Examples of Certifying Bodies with Career Centers
Commission for Case Manager Certification
Website –
Career Center –
Society of American Foresters:
Website –
Career Center –
American Health Information Management Association:
Website –
Career Center –
Scrum Alliance:
Website –
Career Center –
American Society of Nephrology:
Website –
Career Center –

I am formally making a motion for the board’s consideration, and requesting a ‘second’ in order to move this forward. Once there is a second, Danielle will launch a voting protocol that allows for you to vote yes or no on the motion.

If you believe that more discussion is necessary, then simply vote no. You can post your concerns and we can take it up later. I am simply trying to keep things moving forward. One meeting a month limits our ability to move things through, and this motion seems pretty straight forward.

Motion: I move that we allow YM to build out the Career board as a means to generate revenue for PACB based on the model outlined above where YM manages the feature with a waived set-up fee and a 50/50 split on posted positions within.

Second: Heidi Kummer


Please submit your vote no later than Wednesday 1/22/2020.