Subject Matter Experts – Description of Position – Archived June 2019

Subject Matter Experts

2-year term, unlimited number of experts may apply

Subject Matter Experts will be asked to serve on the many task forces that will study and make recommendations to the Steering Committee for the decisions that will be made about this credential / certification. All applicants who complete an application will be accepted to serve as a Subject Matter Expert, but will not necessarily be included in a task force.

If you wish to serve as a Subject Matter Expert, we ask you to commit to:

  • A 24 month service term.
  • Timely responses to questions and tasks requested by the Steering Committee (amount of time needed to be mutually agreed upon).
  • Meeting deadlines unless previously discussed with Chair or Steering Committee; and
  • Being collaborative and willing to follow agreed-upon ground rules.

If you apply, you will be approved, provided you satisfy all three written requirements below.

To apply as a Subject Matter Expert

You will be asked for:

a.  Your bio including credentials – max 500 words

b.  A statement about why you want to serve – max 250 words

c. Your choice of task forces to participate with

d.  A statement about what you “bring to the table” including what “sector” you represent (e.g., educational institution training, private sector training, personal bedside advocacy experience, hospital-based case manager, etc.) – max 250 words

Find the application for Subject Matter Experts here.