Steering Committee – Original Call – Archived June 2019

In March 2013 we put out the call for applications for the Credential Steering Committee. Reflected here is the call that was sent out. Applications were closed April 4.

The front page of this site will provide the most up-to-date status on these applications.


Steering Committee

2-year term, up to 9 members, to include the Chair

The initial purpose of the Steering Committee is make policy, term and procedural recommendations to the larger body of Patient Advocates. The group will determine subsequent activities.

It will be comprised of at least one representative from each of the following sectors:

  • Academic sector currently providing Patient Advocacy education;
  • Private sector currently providing Patient Advocacy training;
  • Healthcare sector currently providing Patient Advocacy in any setting;
  • Current or recent past experience as member of organization with specific interests (e.g., Breast Cancer).

If you wish to serve on the Steering Committee, we ask you to commit to:

  • A 24 month service term
  • A monthly phone meeting
  • Serving on at least one task force.
  • Doing background research and meeting deadlines on behalf of your task force and the Steering Committee, as required.
  • Identify, train and pass responsibility to alternate Steering Committee member if you are not able to meet your responsibilities.
  • Providing advance notice of meeting absences to the Steering Committee or Task Force chair;
  • Being collaborative and willing to follow agreed-upon ground rules
  • Voluntary resignation if you are unable to meet your commitments.

To apply as a member of the Steering Committee: (Applications were closed 4/4/2013)

You will be asked for:

a.  Your bio including credentials – max 500 words

b.  A statement about why you want to serve – max 250 words

c.  A statement about what you “bring to the table” including what “sector” you represent (e.g., educational institution training, private sector training, personal bedside advocacy experience, hospital-based case manager, etc.) – max 250 words

(Applications were closed 4/4/2013)