BCPA Logos and Usage Policy

PACB retains the sole and exclusive right to use the PACB Trademarks. An individual who has been granted the BCPA may list the certification on stationery, websites, business cards, and other promotional materials as:

First name, Last name, BCPA
Board Certified Patient Advocate

Should the certification be suspended or withdrawn for any reason, the individual must immediately cease the use of the title “Board Certified Patient Advocate” and acronym designation on stationery, websites, business cards, and any and all promotional materials. Certificants in good standing may also use either of the logos designating BCPA status. PACB trademarks, logos, acronyms, and slogans are not to be used in any format outside of that demonstrated above. To clarify further, no element of PACB’s trademarked intellectual property may be used all or in part for:

  • Advocate’s business name(s)
  • Advocate’s domain name(s)
  • Advocate products
  • Advocate services
  • Please refer to the Trademark usage policy for complete details.

Logos for use by Board Certified Patient Advocates

In all cases, you may obtain these by right-clicking (or command-click on a Mac) – and then “saving as” to your computer. If you simply copy and paste, you may lose the resolution you need.

By using any of these logos, you certify that you have the legal right to use them (you hold current certification with the PACBoard) and that you will use them exactly as provided to you without modification (except for size.)