Your BCPA-Portal

As a certifying body, PACB partners with trusted third-party organizations to deliver the BCPA examination and provide support to our certificants. Currently, Prolydian, LLC serves as the primary partner for application processing and maintenance of the BCPA database. Both Candidate and Certificant Applications are available on the BCPA online portal (hosted by Prolydian) as outlined below.


  • First-Time Candidate – Examination for Board Certified Patient Advocate Application: Candidates applying to sit for the examination for the first time submit this application which requires documentation of eligibility.
  • Repeat Candidate – Examination for Board Certified Patient Advocate Application: Candidates who previously tested but did not achieve a passing score submit this application to retest at a discounted fee.
  • Certification – BCPA Continuing Education Credit Request: BCPA’s select this application to submit continuing education (either pre-approved or post-approved).
  • Certification – Board Certified Patient Advocate Renewal Application: BCPA’s who have reached their date of renewal and have submitted the requisite number of CEs, submit this application.
  • BCPA Recertification by Examination Application: BCPA’s who have not submitted the requisite number of CEs, or who wish to retest as the mechanism for recertification, submit this application.



How to Upload Pre-Approved CEs to the Patient Advocate Certification Board CE Manager

All BCPAs have an account in our online portal (hosted by Prolydian). Access to the online portal becomes available on the first day after certification is conferred.  Submission of all continuing education and the renewal process takes place within the online portal.


Step 1: Log in to your BCPA Access Portal – Click on the Portal Login button

Step 2: Alternatively, bookmark the direct link to the login page:

NOTE: All current BCPAs have a profile based on your PACB primary email. If you are unable to log in use the password reset feature or contact DO NOT select ‘Create Account.’



This is the dashboard of the BCPA Access Portal

Note: Clicking on ‘Submit Cont Ed’ would seem like the obvious next step. However, that option bypasses the auto-fill feature for pre-approved CEs. Instead, click on ‘View Details’ for the easiest and most efficient method to upload your CEs.

Prolydian Dashboard

This is your dashboard:

Left – Your current Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) certification start and expiration dates.

Right  The number of credits needed to fulfill your renewal requirement.

Certification Dashboard

Step 3 – Click on Apply for CEC Credits to enter either Pre-Approved or Post-Approved CEs.

Pre-Approved CE Submission

Step 4 – Enter the date your completed the continuing education program. The date must fall during the term of your 3-year certification.

IMPORTANT: Entering the date triggers the auto-fill features associated with the submission of pre-approved CEs.


Step 5 – Enter the approval code for the program. Click on the corresponding program title until it populates the window.

Step 6 – Upload the certificate of attendance

Step 7 – Click the box designating the session as preapproved and then click on Submit.