The Board of Directors is responsible for completing a self-assessment of its performance annually. Your responses will be held confidential. No one comment will be attributed to an individual. A report summarizing all responses, including comments, will be presented at the annual meeting.

Very ConfidentConfidentNot Very ConfidentNot at All Confident
Mission: The board understands the mission and purpose of the organization.
Executive Director: The board monitors and evaluates the performance of the ED on a regular basis, and delegates the day-to-day management to the ED.
Programs: The board approves an annual operating plan, monitors implementation, and makes sure there are program evaluations to measure impact.
Planning: The board participates with staff in determining program and administrative strategies and overall long-term priorities.
Financial Oversight and Viability: The board safeguards assets from misuse, waste, and embezzlement through financial oversight and making sure that effective internal controls are in place. The board makes sure that organization has an overall fundraising strategy to support the effective delivery of services, and monitors the implementation of the funding plan. The board ensures a realistic budget that maximizes use of resources.
Policies: The board approves governing policies and reviews them periodically to ensure policies are up to date and relevant.
Legal: The board ensures the organization is compliant with federal, state, and local regulations and fulfillment of contractual obligations, including payment of payroll taxes and filing of required reports.
Evaluation: The board regularly assesses whether the organization is achieving its purpose (effectiveness), at what cost (efficiency), and is meeting the needs of the community.
Board effectiveness; The board ensures effective governance through evaluation of the board itself, committees, and its leadership, and ensures the board’s own continuity.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
Board members clearly understand their board responsibilities, and fulfill them.
The board currently contains an appropriate range of expertise and diversity to make it an effective governing body.
The board regularly assesses its own work.
The board actively recruits, orients and trains new board members, and removes those members who are not fulfilling their agreed upon responsibilities.
The board encourages and supports individuals to treat fellow board members and staff with trust, respect, and understanding.
Board and committee meetings are interesting, well run, and effective.
The board has the necessary effective board leadership – an individual and/or group of individuals who are willing and able to help the board fulfill its governance and support functions.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
Public Relations: I act as an ambassador to the community on behalf of the organization and its clients.
Volunteerism: As needed, I volunteer to assist staff and/or recruit new volunteers.
Advises staff in areas of expertise: I act as a sounding board for the CEO and other executive staff upon request and when invited.
Credibility: I lend my name and personal reputation to the organization to use in brochures, grant proposals, and other marketing materials.
I understand and fulfill my governance and support responsibilities as a member of the board.
I am knowledgeable about organization’s mission, programs and services.
I come prepared to board and committee members and follow through on commitments.