CE Categories and Sponsors

Category Definitions & Required Documentation
Listing of Advocacy Organizations


Category Hour Definition

Documentation Required

Approved CE from organizations offering Continuing Education

60 minutes (without breaks) =1 CE hour

Documentation of course and content, including sponsoring organizations, learning objectives, hours of activity, date, instructor, Instructor CV, relationship to Domains and Ethics

Academic Coursework

  • 1 semester credit = 5 contact hours
  • 1 quarter credit = 4 contact hours
  • Offered through an accredited college or University.
  • Supporting documents such as a transcript(s) showing the institution, course, number of credits, etc.
  • Evidence that clearly shows content is relevant to PACB Domains and Ethics
  • Course syllabus

Authoring Publications

  • Peer-reviewed articles and publications up to 10 CE per cycle
  • Teaching and curriculum development up to 10 CE per cycle
  • Primary author with content related to patient/health care advocacy.
  • Supporting documents, such as cover page that includes author’s name, abstract or copy of the article or chapter, information showing peer review, publication, date of publication.

Delivering Presentations

  • 1 CE for presentations of less than 30 min (including prep) 2 CE for presentations of 45-60 min (including prep)
  • CEs for presentations are only for new presentations.
  • Primary presenter. Delivered in a structure teaching/learning environment (conference, webinar, etc.) where CE credits are awarded to attendees or at an academic conference.
  • Supporting documents including abstract, objectives, course contents, evidence of presentation of the material.

Delivering Webinars, Video or Audio Presentations

See requirements for Presentations

See requirements for Presentations. Recordings of the event or links to the recorded event may also be used as supporting documentation.

Independent Study

  • Must be approved by PACB as an acceptable Independent Study.
  • One independent study option will count as 1 Hour.

Supporting documents located on the PACB website that accompany the Independent Study options selected. Instructions and materials are specific to each Independent Study opportunity.


  • Item Writer = 1 CE per/hr. (as determined by Certification Commission)
  • Completion of JTA Study (when conducted) – 1 CE.
  • Service on JTA task force or as Subject Matter Expert – up to 15 CE per 3-year cycle.
  • Up to 10 CE per 3-year cycle for work on PACB committees.


Reciprocity with other organizations

Society of Certified Senior Advisors

  • Monthly Webinars – 1 CE
  • Annual Conference – # of CEs TBD

Locating Continuing Education Activities or Courses for BCPA Certification

A list of currently pre-approved CEs is available at: https://www.pacboard.org/pre-approved-ce-list/

Advocates may find pre-approved Continuing Education opportunities on the PACB website on the following pages.


Patient Advocacy Organizations Offering Pre-Approved Continuing Education


A Better Way Health Advocacy

Alliance Professional Health Advocates (APHA)

Arizona Association of Patient Advocates

Cleveland State University

HealthAdvocateX (formerly WASHAA)

National Association Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC)

Pulse Center for Patient Safety

Rothkoff Law Group

Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Stacie Lampkin

Texas A&M – OneOP

The Bridge Health Advocates

Triage Cancer

Washington Patient Safety Coalition