An annual duty of the Board of Directors is a Review of the Executive Directors’ performance. Please complete the following evaluation.

ExcellentVery GoodNeeds WorkNot Sure
Works with the board to develop strategies for achieving mission goals and financial viability.
Appropriately provides both support and leadership to board.
Demonstrates quality of analysis and judgement related to progress and opportunities, and need for change.
Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field (examples: ICE credentialing, non-profit development, changes to industry).
Builds respect and profile for the organization in its various constituencies. Supports the overall field/movement in which the organization works.
Establishes ambitious goals for excellence and impact and initiates, maintains, and adapts programs with excellence and impact.
Consistently offers suggestions for ways the organization can grow or improve upon its current practices to move toward/sustain industry leadership
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
Serves as an effective spokesperson. Represents the organization well to its constituencies, including clients/members/patrons, other nonprofits, the general public (and government agencies, elected officials, and funders, as called to do so).
Establishes and makes use of working relationships with organizations and individuals in the field. Networks on behalf of PACB.
Sees that communication vehicles are developed and utilized well.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
Establishes and leads an effective management team, especially with the executive leadership of PACB.
Helps ensures that board procedures are being carried out according to the bylaws and according to best non-profit practices by consulting with board leadership.
Works with board to help encourage use of volunteers and task forces as needed.
Ensures compliance with relevant workplace, employment, and non-profit organizational laws.
Works with board in maintaining a climate of excellence, accountability, and respect.
Works to ensure that the board is in compliance with all federal laws and mandates, including tax laws and employment laws.
Helps ensure that Board is in compliance with all federal laws regarding non-profit compliance, equal-opportunity compliance, and other regulations related to the regular work of PACB.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
Assures adequate control and accounting of all funds, including maintaining sound financial practices in conjunction with the treasurer and finance committee.
Works with committees and task forces to ensure that programs and activities are developed, executed, modified, and dismantled to maximize mission impact.
Works with the board and finance committee to prepare budgets, monitor progress, and initiate changes (to operations and/or to budgets) as appropriate.
Sees that official records and documents are retained; sees to compliance with federal state and local regulations (examples: Form 990, payroll withholding).
Assists in developing realistic, ambitious plans for acquiring funds.
Jointly with the President and Secretary of the board, conducts official correspondence for the organization, and jointly with designated officers, executes legal documents appropriately.
Successfully involves others in new strategies for generating income
Establishes positive relationships with potential institutional funders, such as foundations, government agencies, corporations, and so forth as appropriate.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedNot at all Satisfied
With the Board Chair, appropriately involves/does not involve board members in decisions.
Provides appropriate leadership to the board.
Sees that board members are kept fully informed in a timely way on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it.
Sees that board committees are appropriately supported.
Works with the board officers to ensure that the board is effective as a body and that recruitment, involvement and departures of individual board members are effective.