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BCPA-Retired Status




The BCPA (Retired) status is for Board Certified Patient Advocates who have permanently retired as practitioners but wish to remain connected. Individuals who qualify may use the BCPA designation followed by (Retired) after their name. The status is renewable every three years. Retired status acknowledges and recognizes individuals for their service and ongoing dedication to the certification. The status is also important because it offers a retired BCPA the opportunity to resume work as a patient or health care advocate and reactivate their certification without having to retest. This means they may return to active BCPA status and resume working full time, part time, volunteering, mentoring, or consulting as a BCPA by meeting recertification requirements at the time of their reinstatement.




BCPA-Retired may continue to serve in leadership roles and volunteer for committee and task force work.

Note: Individuals providing consulting or other services using the BCPA credential are not eligible for retired status and should continue to maintain the BCPA certification.




A BCPA may go into ‘Retired’ status up to one year after the expiration date on their certificate. If a BCPA has an expired certification and elects retirement status, the start date begins the date of payment (Retired Status Application). Individuals with an active certification who choose retirement status may apply any time, the start date of Retired status begins the day after the current certification expires.




A retired BCPA who re-enters the workforce within three years from the date of retirement status and wishes to reinstate the full BCPA credential, may apply for recertification by continuing education and pay the renewal fee.

A retired BCPA who re-enters the workforce after more than three years from the date of retirement status must meet eligibility requirements at that time, pay applicable fees and achieve a passing score on the exam.




The initial application fee for Retired Status is $45.00. Attestation of retiree status is required annually, but no additional fees apply.

Retired Status Application (#8)

Price: $45.00





Inactive Status recognizes BCPAs who are unable to meet the recertification requirements due to an unusual and/or extenuating circumstance.




  • During the period of Inactive Status, the BCPA designation cannot be used until it has been successfully reactivated.
  • Individuals holding inactive status cannot serve in leadership roles or committee work that requires the BCPA credential.
  • A certificant may hold Inactive status for no more than three years from the date of confirmed approval. During this period, the certification will not lapse and the requirement to submit recertification credits and recertification fee will be suspended.
  • The certificant’s record will remain in good standing.
  • Further extensions beyond the 3-year period will not be granted. If the credential is not reactivated within 3-years, the credential will be revoked and the certificant will be required to re-apply under the qualification criteria in place at that time and pay the applicable fee for the examination.




  • Applicants must hold a current BCPA certification or one that has expired within the previous 12 months.
  • Current BCPAs may submit the application at any time.
  • Applicants with an expired certification must submit the application for inactive status no later than 90 days before the end of 12-month expiration period. For example, a certificant whose cycle ends December 30, 2023, must apply for inactive status no later than September 30, 2023.




To reactivate the credential, a certificant holding inactive status must submit thirty eligible continuing education credits* and a completed reactivation application and reactivation fee. Criteria for reactivation must be accrued within the 3-year period immediately preceding reactivation. If approved, the new certification period will become effective for three years from the time of recertification.




$50 one-time fee

Inactive Status Application

Qualifying Events for Inactive Status for Board Certified Patient Advocates


Serious illness: an acute or chronic condition, disease, or injury requiring hospitalization.

Family member: spouse, parent (own or spouse/partner), child (own or spouse/partner); or other individual sharing a residence with the BCPA at the time of serious illness or death.

Price: $50.00