PACB Call for Volunteers – Position Descriptions and Current Openings

Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2022, or until positions are filled


Requirement: Serves a three-year term of office as a voting member. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Elected Officers, and five Directors for staggered terms.

Time commitment: Up to 5 hours per week

Basic role: Acts on behalf of the organization according to mission statement, goals and objectives, and strategic plan within parameters of the bylaws. Establishes the policies governing PACB, fosters growth and development of PACB.

Qualifications: Preferably a Board Certified Patient Advocate


  • Be present at a minimum of 80% of Board conference calls
  • Participate weekly in online discussions
  • Participate in at least 80% of voting topics.


  • Reviews board dockets and is prepared to address action items from liaisons/committees.
  • Maintains “to do” list of individual responsibilities culminating from board and committee meetings.
  • Requests reports from committee chairs as the designated board member committee liaison and submits that report to PACB office according to prescribed timeframes.
  • Liaison to Committee Chairs.
  • Supports and encourages the growth and development of committee chairs and project team leaders.
  • Advises and serves as a resource to the chair of the committee to which assigned liaison responsibilities.
  • Remains abreast of assigned committee/team activities, acts as committee/team liaison reporting to the board of directors.
  • Corresponds with committee chair in advance of the board meeting to assure timely submission of committee/team reports.
  • After each board meeting:
  • Reviews board decisions affecting committee and provides liaison committee chair with written follow-up report.
  • Reviews liaison committee assignments and projects with the committee chair and follows up to assist and ensure specified action.
  • Confirms committee members and co-chair(s) selected by President.
  • Discusses committee budgets including budget requests and appropriations.


  • Reviews strategic plan as it impacts committees/teams.
  • Votes on policies affecting certificants.
  • Approves annual budget.
  • Monitors budget and period statements.
  • Reviews financials annually.
  • Arranges travel to meetings unless otherwise directed.
  • Sends copies of all correspondence to President and Executive Director.
  • Assists in the orientation of new board members.
  • Proactively identifies possible sources of financial support for the organization and provides contact information to Executive Director on an ongoing basis.


The PACBoard holds a regular business meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month. A second meeting takes place on the 4th Monday of the month serving a variety of purposes. All meetings take place virtually on the PACB Dashboard using Spotlight video sharing service. The meetings take place at:

8:30-10:00pm GMT
3:30-5:00pm Eastern
2:30-4:00pm Central
1:30-3:00pm Mountain
12:30-2:00pm Pacific

Ethics Committee Job Description

Requirement: Serves a two-year term

Time commitment: Up to 5 hours per month

Basic role: Promote the mission of the PACB Ethics Committee, which is to serve as a resource to the patient and healthcare advocacy community regarding topics with ethical implications. The committee works to promote the awareness and discussion of ethics as it relates to our profession and contributes as needed to ethical complaints brought before the Compliance Committee.


  • Conduct an annual review of the PACB Ethics Statement for relevancy and appropriate updates.
  • Monitor social media for discussions related to ethical issues and address incoming issues related to Ethics providing a formal committee response, as appropriate.
  • Advises the PACB Board of relevant issues requiring a formal board response.
  • May also prepare and provide ethics articles, position papers, resources, and information via the web, newsletters, and conference presentations.

Qualifications: Committee members should have prior experience (paid or volunteer) in ethics (e.g., law/bioethics or medical ethics context).