Official BCPA Practice Test


The Certification Commission is pleased to provide fully registered and approved candidates free access to the first BCPA Practice Test.


The BCPA Practice Test:

  1. May be used by candidates to identify areas in which further study may be needed.
  2. Is an optional assessment tool and not a study guide for the certification examination.
  3. It may serve as an adjunct, but not as the sole tool in preparation for the BCPA exam.

Regarding the Practice Exam please note:

  • There is no requirement to take the BCPA Practice Test.
  • There is only one version of the BCPA Practice Test.
  • The Practice Test content mirrors the domain blueprint of the actual examination.
  • The Practice Test consists of 25 multiple-choice items.
  • Questions were developed by PACB Subject Matter Experts under the direction of the Certification Commission.
  • Unlike the certification examination results, which are reported in scaled scores, Practice Test Scores are reported as the number of correct and incorrect answers.
  • The Practice Test is not timed. Candidates may take as much time as they wish. The actual BCPA exam has 150 questions (125 scored and 25 pilot questions that do not count toward the passing score) and candidates are allowed up to three hours to complete the exam.
  • Once you complete the Practice Test, PACB will email you a summary of your performance and an itemization of the correct and incorrect responses to each question.
  • Performance on a Practice Test is not a predictor of performance on the competency-based BCPA Certification Examination.
Image of where to find practice test