PACB to Conduct Job Task Analysis Study

Your invitation to serve as a Subject Matter Expert

I am writing to you as President of the Patient Advocate Certification Board to ask for your assistance in a particularly important project that PACB is undertaking.

PACB is in the process of constructing a Job Task Analysis (JTA) study of patient advocates to be distributed industry-wide. The JTA is the formal assessment tool used to help clarify for the patient advocacy field, the health care industry, the department of labor, and all other stakeholders, the breadth and scope of patient advocacy. Such Job Task Analyses are a standard function of all certifying bodies and occur on a regular basis (usually every 5 – 7 years). Recurring studies help to ensure that exam standards and certification criteria meet the most current standards of the roles, functions, skills, and knowledge of those working in a given profession.

Part of this process is a two-part review of the survey instrument prior to officially distributing the survey to the broader patient advocate community. Both of these processes require Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help review the survey and validate the instrument. The processes are as follows:

Phase 1

A small group of SMEs (around 10) take the survey and provide feedback. The results of the survey are scored. Any item where the results of the survey show greater variance in response across the SMEs than a pre-determined level (as recommended by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence) requires the SMEs to discuss the statement(s) and come to consensus regarding the item. Item(s) may need to be reworded, moved to another section, or removed entirely. This first process, therefore, requires the time necessary to take the survey (approximately 60-90 minutes) and then possibly additional time to engage in follow up discussions regarding specific items on the survey.

Phase 2:

Once the survey has been refined with feedback from the first group of SMEs, we will convene a second group to take the survey and provide feedback. This group will serve as peer reviewers and will also be comprised of practicing patient advocates.

Based on your status as a Board Certified Patient Advocate, or by recommendation, PACB is issuing an invitation to serve as a subject matter expert. We believe your certification and experience will make you a valuable contributor to our Job Task Analysis Study.

Phase 1 of the project will kick-off in early July and conclude by mid-August. Phase 2 will begin in early September and conclude within four to 6 weeks. Any necessary meetings will be held virtually over Zoom. While these are short-term projects, the importance of your commitment cannot be over-stated. Please indicate your interest in participating via the brief survey form below.

Thank you in advance!

Christine L. North PhD, MPH, BCPA
President, PACB

We are waiting to hear from you!

Can you tell us a little more about your interest and ability to participate as a Subject Matter Expert in the PACB Job Task Analysis?